How much can I afford?

It's always best to know how much you have in your pocket before going up to the register and checking out. Ok, that's a silly analogy, but there's wisdom in it. When you contact a lender, they will go over some basic details about your Income, such as Employment, Credit History. This will allow them to provide two important things... 1) a pre-qualification letter which will be needed to submit an offer and 2) the loan amount that you will qualify for. Once you know how much you qualify for, it's time to go HOUSE SHOPPING!


Let's Find the perfect HOME!

This is by far the most exciting step in the whole process! But be careful, it can easily turn into the most tedious... this is why it's best to meet with your Buyer's Specialist for a consultation and discuss everything that is important to you. Once you've done so, it's time to get out there and explore potential homes.


make 'em an offer they can't refuse!

So you've found the PERFECT HOME! It's everything you dreamed of and more... it is now game time! Your Buyers Specialist will pull comparable homes that have sold recently and will take into account all of the details in order to come up with a "strong" offer. When your emotions are through the roof, you can count on our steady hands to get you the best deal!


Inspections, documents & conditions.

OFFER ACCEPTED! Ok, let's not get excited just yet... ok be a little excited. However, there is a lot to do before we arrive at the closing table. First things first... we strongly suggest ordering an Inspection. This will inform you of existing issues or issues that may arise in the near future... you don't want to buy a home that will need a $25,000 roof in 3 months. Once the home passes inspections, it's time to work with your lender to make sure they have all of the documents that will allow them to approve your loan.


Closing day, yay!

"Keys are released"... The words every homeowner longs to hear! We've come a long way and it has most certainly paid off. At this point, it's important to get all of your ducks in a row. We will provide you with a Checklist of items to complete... such as Schedule Electrical Service, Forward of Address, Etc. On the day of closing, you will be represented by your Buyers Specialist and once you sign about 1,000 papers, you will be handed the keys to your very own home. Time to Celebrate (Step 6)!


WHOAH... almost forgot the most important step!

The home buying process is complex and full of pitfalls. Be sure to hire a team that has your back and will guide you through all of the ups and downs. Click below to learn about all of the benefits and incentives our team offers. Besides our services cost you $0... this may very well be the easiest decision you ever make. On behalf of myself and the team... we look forward to helping and serving you! :)