Wedgewood Heights

Wedgewood Heights

Wedgewood Heights – A Community Overview

Wedgewood Heights, nestled in West Edmonton, is renowned for its luxurious atmosphere and serene living environment. The community is perfect for those who desire an upscale suburban lifestyle, with an emphasis on elegance and tranquility. With its selection of high-end homes, meticulous landscaping, and proximity to essential amenities, Wedgewood Heights offers a refined living experience for its discerning residents.

Community Grades
Rating Title Rating Rating (short) description Icon (use .png images)
Livability 73

Ranked 226th neighborhood in Edmonton. Ranked 250th city in Alberta. Ranks better than 94% of areas

Amenities F

Not many amenities close to this location

Cost of Living F

Cost of living is 4% higher than Alberta

Crime A

Total crime rate is 60% lower than Alberta

Employment A+

Household income is 145% higher than Alberta

Housing A+

Home value is 58% higher than Alberta

Schools C-

HS graduation rate is 10% higher than Alberta

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Is Wedgewood Heights Safe?

Safety and exclusivity are paramount in Wedgewood Heights, enhancing its appeal as a secure and prestigious neighborhood. This section will explore the community's focus on maintaining high safety standards and the various initiatives in place to ensure a peaceful quality of life for its residents.

Wedgewood Heights Real Estate Search

Begin your home search in Wedgewood Heights with the expert guidance of Matt Ferguson & his team. Their in-depth knowledge of the Wedgewood Heights real estate market, combined with state-of-the-art search tools and personalized services, will assist you in finding a home that meets your standards for luxury and elegance.

In-Depth Wedgewood Heights Real Estate Market Analysis

Engage in a comprehensive analysis of the Wedgewood Heights real estate market with Matt Ferguson & his team. This section will provide a detailed overview of current housing trends, market dynamics, and future prospects in Wedgewood Heights, offering essential information for potential buyers interested in a high-end and serene community.

Wedgewood Heights Community Amenities

Discover the array of amenities that make Wedgewood Heights an exceptional place to live. This section will highlight the neighborhood's access to top-tier educational institutions, expansive parks, premium shopping centers, and gourmet dining options, emphasizing how these amenities contribute to the luxurious and serene lifestyle in Wedgewood Heights.

Professional Wedgewood Heights Real Estate Agents

Meet the dedicated real estate agents specializing in the Wedgewood Heights market from Matt Ferguson & his team. Their local expertise, commitment to client satisfaction, and tailored approach ensure a successful real estate experience for those looking to be part of this exclusive and prestigious community.


  1. What Makes Wedgewood Heights an Attractive Neighborhood in Edmonton?
    Learn what sets Wedgewood Heights apart, including its luxurious housing options, serene environment, and proximity to high-end amenities, appealing to residents who value elegance and tranquility in a suburban setting.

  2. How Is Community Safety Enhanced in Wedgewood Heights?
    Understand the safety measures and community initiatives that contribute to making Wedgewood Heights a secure and peaceful neighborhood, emphasizing its exclusivity and commitment to maintaining a high standard of living.

  3. What Types of Homes Are Available in Wedgewood Heights?
    Explore the variety of high-end housing options in Wedgewood Heights, from spacious executive homes to grand estates, catering to the discerning tastes of its residents.

  4. What Amenities and Facilities Does Wedgewood Heights Offer?
    Discover the local amenities and facilities available in Wedgewood Heights, such as meticulously maintained parks for recreation, prestigious schools for education, shopping centers for luxury goods, and dining options for exquisite culinary experiences, enhancing the neighborhood's appeal for a sophisticated and comfortable suburban life.

  5. Why Choose Wedgewood Heights for Your Next Home?
    Understand the compelling reasons to choose Wedgewood Heights as your next home, focusing on its combination of upscale living, serene surroundings, and access to premium amenities, offering an ideal living experience for those seeking a prestigious and peaceful lifestyle in West Edmonton.


Wedgewood Heights in West Edmonton is a community where luxury meets serenity, creating an exclusive living experience. It's an ideal neighborhood for those who seek the finer things in life, within a tranquil and elegant suburban environment. Whether you're a family looking for a prestigious neighborhood with excellent schools and parks, a professional seeking sophistication and peace, or anyone who values a lifestyle that combines luxury with tranquility, Wedgewood Heights offers a welcoming and illustrious environment. With the expertise of Matt Ferguson & his team, finding your ideal home in Wedgewood Heights becomes a journey towards embracing a life that perfectly balances opulence and serenity.

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