Carter Crest

Carter Crest

Carter Crest – A Community Overview

Carter Crest, nestled in the sought-after southwest region of Edmonton, is a neighborhood characterized by its elegant homes and modern lifestyle. The community is known for its architectural beauty, well-planned streets, and a high standard of living. Residents of Carter Crest enjoy a serene environment, enhanced by landscaped parks and recreational facilities, while benefiting from close proximity to shopping centers, schools, and other urban amenities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of luxury and convenience.

Community Grades
Rating Title Rating Rating (short) description Icon (use .png images)
Livability 83

Ranked 28th neighborhood in Edmonton. Ranked 250th city in Alberta. Ranks better than 94% of areas

Amenities B+

Some of amenities close to this location

Cost of Living B-

Cost of living is 6% lower than Alberta

Crime B

Total crime rate is 47% lower than Alberta

Employment A+

Household income is 61% higher than Alberta

Housing A-

Home value is 3% higher than Alberta

Schools A+

HS graduation rate is 9% higher than Alberta

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Is Carter Crest Safe?

Safety and a sense of community are paramount in Carter Crest, contributing to its reputation as a tranquil and secure neighborhood. This section will discuss the neighborhood's commitment to safety, including various initiatives and collaborations with local law enforcement to ensure a peaceful living environment for all residents.

Carter Crest Real Estate Search

Begin your home search in Carter Crest with the professional guidance of Matt Ferguson & his team. This section will showcase their deep understanding of the Carter Crest real estate market, utilizing advanced search tools and personalized services to help you find a home that matches your desire for elegance and modernity.

In-Depth Carter Crest Real Estate Market Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Carter Crest real estate market with a thorough analysis from Matt Ferguson & his team. This part will provide an overview of current housing trends, market dynamics, and future prospects in Carter Crest, offering essential information for making informed real estate decisions.

Carter Crest Community Amenities

Explore the range of amenities that make Carter Crest an exceptional place to live. This section will detail the neighborhood's parks, schools, shopping districts, and more, emphasizing how these amenities contribute to the quality of life and community spirit in Carter Crest.

Professional Carter Crest Real Estate Agents

Meet the dedicated real estate agents specializing in the Carter Crest market from Matt Ferguson & his team. This section will introduce their local expertise, commitment to client satisfaction, and personalized approach to ensuring a successful real estate experience in Carter Crest.


  1. What Makes Carter Crest an Attractive Neighborhood in Edmonton?
    Discover what sets Carter Crest apart, including its elegant architectural design, modern amenities, and community-focused living environment.

  2. How Is Community Safety Enhanced in Carter Crest?
    Learn about the safety measures and community initiatives that contribute to creating a secure and harmonious environment in Carter Crest.

  3. What Types of Homes Are Available in Carter Crest?
    Explore the variety of elegant and modern housing options in Carter Crest, catering to different preferences and lifestyles, from spacious family homes to luxurious townhouses.

  4. What Amenities and Facilities Does Carter Crest Offer?
    Find out about the amenities and facilities available in Carter Crest, such as recreational parks, top-rated schools, and convenient shopping options.

  5. Why Choose Carter Crest for Your Next Home?
    Understand the reasons that make Carter Crest a popular choice for homebuyers, focusing on its blend of sophistication, modern comforts, and strong community ties.


Carter Crest in Edmonton is a neighborhood that epitomizes elegance and modern lifestyle, offering residents a unique living experience that combines luxury with community warmth. It’s a community that caters to those who seek a high standard of living in a serene yet vibrant environment, making Carter Crest an ideal choice for a sophisticated and fulfilling life.


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