Where Edmonton’s Major Redevelopment Projects Will Boost Home Values

Where Edmonton’s Major Redevelopment Projects Will Boost Home Values

Edmonton, Alberta’s dynamic capital, is undergoing a transformative phase with several major redevelopment projects that are set to reshape the cityscape and boost home values in their wake. These projects, ranging from commercial revitalizations to residential expansions, are not just enhancing the city’s infrastructure but also creating lucrative opportunities for homebuyers and investors. Here’s an overview of the areas in Edmonton where major redevelopment efforts are anticipated to have a significant impact on property values.

1. The Ice District: A Catalyst for Downtown Revival

The Ice District is one of North America’s largest mixed-use sports and entertainment districts. Centered around Rogers Place, the home of the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers, this development has spurred a wave of investment in downtown Edmonton. The district features luxury condos, office towers, a public plaza, and retail spaces, making it a vibrant hub of activity. Properties in and around the Ice District are seeing increased demand, promising a steady rise in home values as the area continues to develop.

2. Blatchford: Sustainable Living in the Heart of the City

Located on the site of the former City Centre Airport, Blatchford aims to be one of the world’s largest sustainable communities. This ambitious project focuses on green living, featuring energy-efficient homes, renewable energy sources, and extensive green spaces. Blatchford is not just a residential project; it’s a vision for the future, offering a unique lifestyle that is expected to attract a diverse population. As the development progresses, the demand for homes in this area is likely to increase, enhancing property values.

3. The Quarters: Revitalizing the East Downtown Core

The Quarters is a comprehensive revitalization effort aimed at transforming the eastern part of Edmonton’s downtown. This area is envisioned to become a vibrant, mixed-use community with residential, commercial, and cultural spaces. The redevelopment includes the creation of a pedestrian-friendly environment, with the Armature (96 Street) being developed as a main thoroughfare. Investment in The Quarters is expected to boost home values by bringing new energy and residents to the area.

4. Valley Line LRT Expansion: Enhancing Connectivity

The Valley Line LRT is a significant public transit project that will improve connectivity across Edmonton. Stretching from Mill Woods in the southeast to Lewis Farms in the west, this light rail transit line is anticipated to significantly impact property values along its route. Neighborhoods near LRT stations typically see an increase in demand due to the added convenience of public transport, making the Valley Line LRT expansion a key driver in boosting home values in adjacent areas.

5. West Rossdale: A River Valley Renaissance

West Rossdale, a historic area along the North Saskatchewan River, is the focus of a long-term redevelopment plan that aims to rejuvenate the river valley and integrate it more closely with the downtown core. Plans for West Rossdale include residential developments, park spaces, and public amenities that leverage the scenic river valley views. As the project unfolds, the area is expected to become a highly desirable location, pushing up home values due to its unique blend of urban living and natural beauty.


Edmonton’s major redevelopment projects are set to transform the city, making it more vibrant, sustainable, and connected. For homebuyers and investors, these developments represent exciting opportunities to invest in areas with high growth potential. As these projects progress, the neighborhoods around them are expected to see a significant increase in home values, offering promising returns for those who choose to invest in Edmonton’s future.

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