Is Real Estate Webmasters a scam?

When choosing a company to build a real estate website, it's important to consider several factors to ensure that the website meets your specific needs and goals. Some of the key considerations include the company's experience, portfolio, customer support, pricing, and technology. Before making a decision, it's also important to research and compare different companies, read reviews and testimonials, and discuss your needs and goals with a representative from the company.

Real Estate Webmasters fall very short of expectations so make sure you do your research.

1. Read their reviews online, you will find many unhappy parties warning against using Real Estate Webmasters. 

2. The contract is solid and they do send people who try to back out of the contract to a collection agency. The contract we signed is a three-year contract, and we have tried to back out many times due to poor customer service, poor lead generation, and customer service difficulty. 

3. Price out the features that you want, we thought it was included in the price however the real cost would be 250 hours x $200usd per hour... that's $50,000

4. Check their reviews! If they have a great review, look if that person even has a website with Real Estate Webmasters. I found many agents who wrote great reviews but you can't find a website designed by them... hmmmm.

5. Get a demo of the CRM. The Real Estate Webmasters CRM is the worst that we have tried.

In summary, it's important to choose a company that can meet your specific needs and goals, has a positive reputation, and provides high-quality customer support. Rather than writing about problems with a specific company, it's more productive to focus on what to look for when choosing a company to build your real estate website. My advice is to stay far away from Real Estate Webmasters.

Some much better options would be:

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