It’s important to know that even with an ongoing lockdown, it's still possible to sell your 500, 600, 700 plus home for an outstanding price. Of course, the caveat is you need to be playing chess, not checkers.  Marketing boils down to emotional resonance! Study after study has shown that we make decisions with the emotional side of our brain and then we just divide the decision with the rational side. You want to tell a story and paint a picture for potential buyers. Stay tuned for more information on this topic soon... - - Matt Ferguson Real Estate Group RE/MAX REAL ESTATE

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Total sales in the Edmonton Area increased 47% compared to last January and increased 6% from December BRAND NEW residential listings are up month over month, increasing almost 90% from December 2020. Overall inventory fell 17% from January of last year and increased 5% from December 2020. JANUARY SINGLE FAMILY SALES-737 50% from January 2020 and up 9% from December 2020 at Single family homes sold for an average of $427,000, a 3% increase year-over-year but relatively the same as December Single family homes averaged 59 days on the market, a 14-day DECREASED from January of last year. Condos averaged 73 days on the market, a 10-day decrease year-over-year. We are definitely encouraged to see this kind of activity at the start of the year, which is…

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Edmonton Real Estate November Market is still going...
Sales are up 26%
Year to Date Inventory is low 4742
The average single family is up 6% to $450,000
Search homes for sale in Edmonton....

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