Stats compared to June 2021 New Listings-2588(down 15.9%) Sales-1537(down 19.3%) Average Single Family $476,000(down 3.1%) Full Report on our Facebook Page - Matt Ferguson Real Estate Group - RE/MAX REAL ESTATE - #yegrealtor #edmonton #realestate #house #newyorklife #yeglifestyle #foreclosure #yeg #yegforeclosure #edmontonrealestate #homesforsale #forsale #property #listit #canadarealestate #northamericarealestate #remax #americarealestate #americarealtygroup #canadarealtor #realstate #realstateinvestment #quebecrealestate #torontorealstate #vancouverrealestate #vancouverrealtor #sellinghomes #newyorkrealestate #newyorkrealtor #realtor

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Selling ???? 1 OUT OF EVERY 5 houses in their market ... Over 600 homes sold last year Hundreds of Five Star Google Reviews From Commercial Airline pilot to one of the top Real Estate teams in the U.S... Meet Nick McLean, the Leader of the Elite Nick McLean Real Estate Group ... and more importantly a wonderful husband, father, and national mountain bike competitor! Do you think he knows a thing or two about systems, process and checklists We are Kicking off a MASSIVE buyers agent training course with the one and only Nick McLean Starting July 30th at 11am, for weeks our agents will go through in-depth training to provide more value to our clients Providing ELITE LEVEL TRAINING for…

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Edmonton Stats - Single Family Homes Average Price $399,000 - Days on Market 29(52 in 2020) - Monthly Sales - 1908 YTD - 9283 (up 39.8%) Current inventory 6257 New Listings - 3128 YTD - 16,000 (up 21.9% from 2020) - - Matt Ferguson Real Estate Group - RE/MAX REAL ESTATE - #yegrealtor #edmonton #realestate #house #newyorklife #yeglifestyle #foreclosure #yeg #yegforeclosure #edmontonrealestate #homesforsale #forsale #property #listit #canadarealestate #northamericarealestate #remax #americarealestate #americarealtygroup #canadarealtor #realstate #realstateinvestment #quebecrealestate #torontorealstate #vancouverrealestate #vancouverrealtor #sellinghomes #newyorkrealestate #newyorkrealtor #realtor

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When is the Market going to Crash... 


Spoiler Alert..... it's not going to crash!! Edmonton's Real Estate Market is Stable? The inventory is low and the interest rate remains low as well. We don't see lots of fluctuations or outside influences, we have a nice spring market where buyers and sellers can both WIN! The market does have competition but the sale prices are realistic. We are confident that the market will continue on a strong path moving forward. #edmonton

  Matt Ferguson




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I am a little bit surprised but also very encouraged with what I’m seeing in the market. Last month we saw the average single family price increase 3.78% from this time last year.The days on market decreased to 45 from 56.  Last month there were a total of 1299 sales which is also up 2.77% from last year.  The current inventory sits at 5474  What does that all mean ?? Well low interest rates and more financing options have resulted in some buyers jumping into the market prematurely. A lot of the buyers I talk to initially intended to wait until the spring market to buy but with 5 year fixed rates as low as 1.69% and the average home price at an affordable level now is a great time to take advantage. With these low rates many buyers are now able to…

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Even with low inventory and extremely low interest rates, PRICE is still the number one factor that determines WHEN and IF a home will sell. ⁣ ⁣ Sellers today, may think that pricing their home on the high end will result in a higher final sale price, however the opposite is actually true.⁣ ⁣ To sell a home QUICKLY and for the BEST possible price, a seller should eliminate buyer concerns by pricing their home competitively right from the start.⁣ Under pricing naturally can result in lost value.... and over pricing can cause a sellers home to sit on the market longer----while price dropping sends the wrong message Over pricing deters potential buyers from making an offer...Because it's priced too high Hey Matt Ferguson with the Matt Ferguson Real Estate…

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 It’s important to know that even with an ongoing lockdown, it's still possible to sell your 500, 600, 700 plus home for an outstanding price. Of course, the caveat is you need to be playing chess, not checkers.  Marketing boils down to emotional resonance! Study after study has shown that we make decisions with the emotional side of our brain and then we just divide the decision with the rational side. You want to tell a story and paint a picture for potential buyers. Stay tuned for more information on this topic soon... - - Matt Ferguson Real Estate Group RE/MAX REAL ESTATE

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Total sales in the Edmonton Area increased 47% compared to last January and increased 6% from December BRAND NEW residential listings are up month over month, increasing almost 90% from December 2020. Overall inventory fell 17% from January of last year and increased 5% from December 2020. JANUARY SINGLE FAMILY SALES-737 50% from January 2020 and up 9% from December 2020 at Single family homes sold for an average of $427,000, a 3% increase year-over-year but relatively the same as December Single family homes averaged 59 days on the market, a 14-day DECREASED from January of last year. Condos averaged 73 days on the market, a 10-day decrease year-over-year. We are definitely encouraged to see this kind of activity at the start of the year, which is…

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